"Don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I love."
-Woody Allen inAnnie Hall

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Masturbation in Film is an listing of masturbation scenes in mainstream movies. This listing was originally developed in 2000 by an anonmyous author, but fell off the face of the earth in 2003. It's been reinvigorated here because this is important information!

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Masturbation in Film

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Latest Male Masturbation Scenes

Movie Title Actor/ Character Name Description
The  Bachelor Party ? A man masturbates in his bed while watching porn.
The Burning Snail Maximilian Haas/ Peter Peter masturbates while watching his parents have sex.
Daybreak Mark Boone Junior/ Quarantine Guard A guard forces Torch (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) to rub a woman's breast as he watches and masturbates.
8mm Unnamed Men are shown masturbating in peep show booths.
Forget Paris Billy Crystal/ Mickey Gordon Mickey and his wife, Ellen, are trying to have a baby. At the fertility clinic, he is told to masturbate to produce sperm for the fertilization. He is uncomfortable masturbating there, so he goes home to masturbate. We only see a closed door, but we know what he's doing.
Fun Down There ? The main character is graphically shown masturbating.
Scary Movie Dave Sheridan/ Doofy At the end of the film, after the closing credits, Doofy inserts himself into a canister vacuum cleaner.
Schizopolis Steven Soderbergh/ Dr. Jeffrey Korchek After receiving a letter from a lawfirm dealing with an explicit letter he sent to Attractive Woman #2, we see Dr. Jeffrey Korcheck taking relief for his frustrations "into his own hands" in bed.
Sex/Life in L.A. Tony Ward Tony  Ward, an ex  boyfriend of Madonna,  masturbates  in a bathtub.

Pink Flamingos
Channing Wilroy/ Channing Channing is in the basement with a girl he has kidnapped. Channing masturbates and
ejaculates in his hand and then attempts to artificially inseminate the unconscious girl with a syringe.

Latest Female Masturbation Scenes

Movie Title Actress/ Character Name Description
Amanda and the Alien Alex Meneses/ The Alien Amanda is teaching the Alien about the human custom of showering, and tells the Alien to wash "between her legs" so she can feel "fresh and free." The alien does so and her expression immediately changes. Amanda comes back a while later to ask the Alien why she's taking so long in the shower, and the lien gasps, "I want... to feel fresh ... and free...," still washing down there.
The  Bachelor Party ? A women laying on her bed masturbates.
Carrie Sissy Spacek/ Carrie White Carrie masturbates in the school shower, only to discover that she has gotten her period.
Le Dclic ? A woman, who is controlled by an electronic device that arouses people, masturbates in a store dressing room.
The Draughtsman's Contract Anne-Louise Lambert/ Mrs. Talmann Mrs. Talmann lies face down on her bed and masturbates.
Embrace the Darkness Madison Clark/ Jennifer Jennifer is watched by Galen (a vampire) as he hovers outside her loft apartment window. As she practices a dance routine, his powers cause her to touch herself as she dances.
Eye of the Beholder Ashley Judd/ Joanna  Joanna plays with herself while soaking in a hotel bathtub after a long day. Ewan McGregor listens to her heavy breathing secretly, on other side of the wall.
F***ing ml aka Show me Love Rebecka Liljeberg/ Agnes Agnes looks at her class photo, focusing on her love interest, Erin. She unzips her pants, moves her hand inside and starts to masturbate as the camera pans to her face.
Like Water For Chocolate ? Tita's sister is overcome by the magic of rose petal chicken and starts masturbating at dinner table.
Mother's Boys Jamie Lee Curtis/ Jude Jude has an orgasm with the water from a faucet.
Profile For Murder ? A a detective out for a serial killer, masturbates in her tub while fantasizing about him and his victims.
Waking the Dead Jennifer Connelly/ Sarah Williams Sarah masturbates in bed while thinking about her boyfriend.

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