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Movie Title Actor/ Character Name  Description 
U turn Sean Penn/ Bobby Cooper  While having sex with Jennifer Lopez, Bobby is caught by the sheriff, so he masturbates behind a tree. 
Velvet Goldmine Christian Bale/ Arthur Stewart  Arthur masturbates while looking at pictures of Brian Slade and Curt Wild, glam rock stars, kissing and performing sexy stunts on-stage. 
Who Killed Teddybear? Sal Mineo/ Lawrence  Lawrence masturbates on a bed wearing tight white pants. 
Woo Tommy Davidson/ Timmy  While watching a woman exercise on TV, Timmy puts his hands in his pants but is quickly interrupted by the phone. 
Wounds Dwww.n Pekic/ Pinki  This Serbian movie has several on-the-toilet interludes, complete with confwww.d parents banging on the door. 
You Are Not Alone Anders Agenso/ Bo  A boy in boarding school is lying in bed, he takes off his underwear and "humps" the mattress as he looks at pornography. 
Your Friends and Neighbors Aaron Eckhardt/ Barry  Barry masturbates in bed while his wife is asleep next to him.