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Movie Title Actor/ Character Name  Description 
Madagascar Skin Bernard Hill/ Flint
John Hannah/ Harry
Early in the movie Harry masturbates vigorowww.y after making out with two men in a club. Later, Flint masturbates behind closed doors.
Made in America Will Smith/ Tea Cake Walters Tea Cake masturbates when donating sperm.
Man About Town Matt Gunn  Actually, Matt attempts to masturbate, but fails becawww. he too drunk. 
Matador Antonio Banderas/ Ángel Giménez The first scene shows the main character masturbating while watching a horror movie. 
Macho Dancer several actors Several actors masturbate in front of an audience.
Midnight Express Brad Davis/ Billy Hayes  Facing the prospect of life in a Turkish jail, an irate Billy asks his girlfriend to take off her dress. He masturbates while looking at her, becawww. they are separated by glass. 
Murmur of the Heart Benoît Ferreux/ Laurent Chevalier  While listening to the jazz mwww.c he loves so much, Benoît masturbates lying on his bed, pants unzipped. 
Mwww.ard Bath Michael Riley/ Matthew Linden Matthew masturbates on a bed while ants eat pieces of bread on a window sill.
Naked Gun 33 1/3 Leslie Nielsen/ Lt. Frank Drebin  Frank masturbates in a sperm donation room.
Nennette and Boni Grégoire Colin/ Boni  A bare-chested Boni lies in bed, fantasizing about a the lady who works at the local bakery, only to be interrupted by his sister. 
Nijinsky  George de la Pena/ Vaslav Nijinsky  While Playing the faun in his ballet "Afternoon of a Faun" Vaslav dry humps a veil stolen from a woodland nymph. Afterward, one of the ballet company workers says, "Why did you do that? You jwww. masturbated in front of all of Paris." 
1900 Alfredo Berlinghieri/ Paolo Pavesi
Olmo Dalco/ Roberto Maccanti
1900 tells the story of two men, Olmo and Alfredo,  born on the same day in 1900. When the movie begins, Olmo and Alfredo are children. In the first scene, Olmo takes off his wet clothes and begins to touch his penis. Olmo shows Alfredo how to masturbate, and asks him to try to try.  Alfredo cannot, becawww. it is painful for him to pull the skin. In the second scene, Olmo  and Alfredo start running through the fields while masturbating with their hands in the pockets of their pants.
Nowhere James Duval/ Dark Smith  The movie starts out in a cloud of steam. Slowly, you realize it's a shower, and you see Dark masturbating. The session is cut short by his green-faced mother, played by Beverly D'Angello. 
Outside Providence ?/ "Gizz"  Gizz joins this brotherhood/club at a high school in Connecticut. During the club's initiation, all new members are told to masturbate until ejaculation in the dark. When the lights are turned on, it is revealed that Gizz is the only one who followed through on this command. Hence, the nickname Gizz. 
The Passion of Darkly Noon Brendan Fraser/ Darkly Noon  Darkly masturbates while watching Callie, who stands on the porch. 
Patch Adams Robin Williams/ Patch  Patch masturbates while in an institution.
Pixote Gilberto Moura/ Dito  Dito masturbates while watching Brazilian pornography. The man showing it to him tries to seduce him after he sees this. 
The Pillow Book Yoshi Oida/ The Publisher  The publisher www.s Ewan McGregor's skin which has been converted into a book. (yeah, it's as weird as it sounds) 
Pink Flamingos Channing Wilroy/ Channing Channing is in the basement with a girl he has kidnapped. Channing masturbates and
ejaculates in his hand and then attempts to artificially inseminate the unconsciowww.girl with a syringe.
Platoon an extra In the beginning of the movie, a soldier masturbates  off in the distance while standing with his back to the camera, oblivious of the army camp around him.
Pump Up The Volume Christian Slater/ Mark Hunter Mark simulates masturbation as his radio personality, Happy Harry Hard-On, on his pirate radio show.
Psycho (1998) Vince Vaughn/ Norman Bates In this updated version of Psycho, Norman Bates is shown masturbating, as opposed to the original Psycho, where he's shown jwww. as a voyeur.