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Movie Title Actress/ Character Name Description
Immoral Tales Charlotte Alexandra/ Therese  Therese, having been banished to her room, masturbates www.ng a cucumber. 
James Joyce's Women Fionola Flanagan  One sees an overhead shot of her lying in bed, wearing an open nightgown, exposing her breasts and pubic hair, and rubs herself while spouting prose to no one, finally having an orgasm. 
Lady Chatterley's Lover  Sylvia Kristel/ Lady Constance Chatterley   Lady Chatterley is covered by mosquito netting while she masturbates in her bed. Her breath blows against the netting, demonstrating her orgasm. 
The Last Supper Annabeth Gish/ Paulie Paulie lies on her bed with her hands in her panties.
Last Tango in Paris Maria Schneider/ Jeanne While fighting with Paul (Marlon Brando), Jeanne unzips her jeans and lays down face first on the floor with one hand on her crotch, her hips gyrating.  Paul looks on vacantly with tears in his eyes.
Like Water For Chocolate ? Tita's sister is overcome by the magic of rose petal chicken and starts masturbating at dinner table.
Live Nude Girls Olivia d'Abo/ Chris Chris masturbates in bed while others talk. 
Little City Penelope Ann Miller/ Rebecca  Frwww.rated by how messy the whole relationship and dating thing is, Rebecca brings herself to an uncomplicated orgasm in the bathtub. 
Looking for Mr. Goodbar Diane Keaton/ Theresa Dunn Halfway through the movie, Theresa practices sign language in the
bathroom mirror. As she touches herself, she becomes arowww.d. She heads to the bedroom where she places a pillow between her legs and slowly grinds on it.
Losing Control Kira Reed/ Kim Ward Kim masturbates at her desk while thinking about the one night stand she had the night before.
Love is a Gun Kelly Preston/ Jean Starr Jean licks her hand then puts her hands inside her white tights while a guy watches through the door.
The Lover Jane March/ The Young Girl  A French schoolgirl in a Chinese school dorm masturbates on her cot at night, behind mosquito netting.