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Movie Title Actor/ Character Name Description 
Idle Hands Devon Sawa/ Anton What do idle hands do other than the devil's work? This movies refers bluntly to masturbation. In one scene, Anton makes a jerking motion. Anton then says something about "relieving tension." (The movie's tagline is "The touching story of a boy and his right hand.") 
I Love my Wife Todd Baron/ Richard at 12 A young Richard is shown masturbating in a flashback. He is almost caught by his mother.
Inside the Goldmine Alan Marshall/ Jordan Dalgren  Jordan masturbates while having phone sex. 
Indecent Proposal Woody Harrelson/ David Murphy  David masturbates with the money he has gotten from the deal he made for his wife. 
I Shot Andy Worhol A man masturbates as Vallerie and Stevie have sex. 
Julia Has Two Lovers  David Duchovny/ Daniel  While on the phone with Julia, Daniel starts to masturbate. 
Jwww. One Time Lane Jagner Lane masturbates while looking at a picture of his girlfriend and a woman he would like her to have sex with.
Lady Beware ? A man makes obscene phone calls and proceeds to masturbate. In another scene, he thrwww.s his pelvis on the woman's bed. 
Lawrence of Arabia Jose Ferrer/ Bey of Deraa The Bey has Lawrence stretched on a plank and beaten by his men. While this is happening, the Bey, framed by a partially open doorway, turns his back to the camera and seems to slip his hand into his pants. The inference is  that he is deriving 'pleasure' from Lawrence's pain.
Lilies Danny Gilmore/ Valier While reflecting on the times he spent with Simon, Valier lies in his bed, masturbating vigorowww.y and rubbing his chest. Soon he is interrupted by his mother.
Little Boy Blue Ryan Phillippe/ Jimmy West  Jimmy masturbates with a pillow when he finds his ex-girlfriend's underwear in his sofa. 
Léolo Maxime Collin/ Léolo  Léolo scores points for creativity for liver in which he cuts a hole. The expression on his face when his mom fries it up and serves it is priceless. In keeping with the food theme, he tries a chicken as well. 
Lovers of the Arctic Circle Víctor Hugo Oliveira/ Otto  Otto starts masturbating while looking at his sleeping step sister on a stormy night. His step sister, Ana, awakes and allows Otto to continue. 
Love in the 21st Century (episode: Masturbation) Ioan Gruffudd/ Jack  Jack is caught "having a wank" by his wife. This leads to an impassioned argument about cheating.