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Movie Title Actress/ Character Name Description
Under the Skin Samantha Morton/ Iris Samantha rubs herself through her skirt at her crotch while laying down on her bed.  However, a phone call interrupts her.
Waking the Dead Jennifer Connelly/ Sarah Williams Sarah masturbates in bed while thinking about her boyfriend.
The Weather Woman ? The main character masturbates in her bathroom as part of her daily schedule.
Wedding in Galilee Anna Achdian/ Bride A young bride breaks her own hymen when her new hwww.and fails to get an erection. 
White Mischief Sarah Miles/ Alice de Janze Alice goes to visit her dead hwww.and in a morgue.  As she approaches the corpse, she licks two of her fingers and then pwww.es them up her skirt.  From the look on her face it is clear she is masturbating.
Young Lady Chatterly Harlee McBride/ Cynthia Chatterley  Cynthia masturbates in front of a mirror in her bedroom.