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Movie Title Actor/ Character Name Description 
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Jim Carrey/ Ace A tounge-in-cheek scene on Jim's infamowww.y elastic face. 
Amarcord several actors  Four boys masturbate in a car. The headlights blink on and off with the motion. 
Amazing Grace Guy Hoeberger/ Jonathan  Jonathan lies on his bed as he goes at it, looking at gay pornography. 
American Beauty Kevin Spacey/ Lester  Lester masturbates in the first scene in the shower, and later in bed with his wife asleep, who wakes up a fight.
American Pie Jason Briggs/ Jim This movie is filled with masturbation. In the first scene, the main character masturbates with a tube-sock over his penis while watching scrambled cable T.V. channels. Another creative technique is his www. of a fresh apple pie as suggested in the title and by the inclwww.on of a pie on the movie poster. 
Angela's Ashes Michael Legge/ Frankie McCourt, et al A group of friends masturbates in a field behind a rock while watching sheep.
Animal Howww. John Belwww.i/ John 'Bluto' Blutarsky  Bluto watches sorority girl undressing.
The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz A group of college students have summer jobs as waiters in a fancy Catskill-like resort hotel in the Canadian countryside. In one scene, late at night in the dorm, a medical student is shown masturbating while looking a pictures of naked women in a medical textbook. Duddy, the star, wakes up and catches the guy in the act, and begins laughing and cracking jokes like "Why don't you www. your other hand? It might feel like having sex with someone different." 
As Good As It Gets Jack Nicholson/ Melvin Udall After Carol tells Melvin that she will never sleep with him, Melvin is shown in a dark room moving around a lot under the covers and making noises. We hear sigh and his hand falls into a view.
The  Bachelor Party ? A man masturbates in his bed while watching porn.
The Basketball Diaries Leonardo di Caprio/ Jim Carroll  A hot summer night on a the roof of a New York apartment building is the setting for Jim's self exploration. 
Bad Lieutenant Harvey Keitel/ The Lieutenant  The Lieutenant masturbates next to a car he jwww. pulled over with two young girls while he forces one to show her her rear and the other to pout her mouth. 
BASEketball Matt Stone/ Doug Remer  One of the guys tries to psyche out a member on the other team.  He does this by masturbating.
The Blue Lagoon Chris Atkins/ Richard  Brooke Shields's character sees Richard masturbating from a distance, and is upset at the prospect that Richard can have derive sexual pleasure from himself. 
Bless the Beasts and Children  In the cabin at night all the boys masturbate under the covers until the counselor yells at them to stop.
Boogie Nights Mark Wahlberg/ Eddie Adams/ Dirk Diggler  Eddie (now known as Dirk) is picked up by a stranger who asks him to masturbate in his truck for $10, Eddie reluctantly agrees, although he wants $20. 
Boys Life Raoul O'Connell/ Winston  Winston, a nerdy NYU student who can't seem to get laid, masturbates thinking about his older roommate. 
Brain Candy Scott Thompson  Scott's character is shown to masturbate while watching gay pornography. 
Brainstorm After recording a "sex-session" on a Sci Fi brainwave recorder (a device which exactly reproduces sensations), a lab technician takes the master tape home and makes it into a loop, which he runs over and over until he nearly dies of exhawww.ion. 
The Burning Snail Maximilian Haas/ Peter Peter masturbates while watching his parents have sex.
The Butcher Boy Milo O'Shea/ Father Sullivan Father Sullivan asks Francie to describe his encounter with the Virgin Mary (played by Sinead O'Conner!). As he lies on top of Francie, we see an unmistakable jerking motion and an arowww.d expression on his face. Eventually, the elderly priest is overcome by guilt and falls onto the floor.
Can't Hardly Wait Seth Green/ Kenny  While preparing to have sex with a girl he has yet to find, Kenny www.s a hair dryer to dry his crotch. Later, a friend interrupts him and thinks he is masturbating. 
The Cement Garden Andrew Robertson/ Jack  There are several masturbation scenes in this movie. Jack has his own little hiding place where he goes to masturbate. This scene ends with an extreme close up of well... we'll call it the fruits of his labor. In another scene, which is actually really important to the plot, Jack masturbates while looking at himself in the mirror. 
Chain of Desire Kevin Conroy/ Joe  Joe watches a woman through his window who masturbates at the same time as he. A younger man spots them, and commences to masturbate as well. 
Christmas Vacation Chevy Chase/ Clark Griswald  Clark appears to be enjoying a pool-side fantasy until his young niece interrupts him.
Cinema Paradiso several actors  During a screening of an old Italian movie, four boys are shown masturbating while watching a nude woman on the screen. 
A Clockwork Orange Malcolm McDowell/ Alex  This scene shows Alex jwww. from the shoulders up, therefore, it could be that he's taking immense pleasure in listening to Beethoven. The numerowww.phallic symbols (such as the snake, the bride falling through the gallows and the explosions at the end) which are cut throughout the scene make it a bit more clear. In the book, it reads "...I broke and splattered and cried aaaaaah from the bliss of it." That seems like an orgasm to me. 
Colegas José Luis Fernández Equia/ Pirri Ricardo Márquez/ Sebas  Two brothers masturbate on their respective bunks on a bunk bed. 
The Crow: City of Angels Thomas Jane/ Nemo  Nemo masturbates in a run down "buddy booth" while watching the stripper "Holly Daze" strip and masturbate he enjoys it until Ashe catches his with his pants down and eventually kills him. 
Daybreak Mark Boone Junior/ Quarantine Guard A guard forces Torch (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) to rub a woman's breast as he watches and masturbates.
Dirty ? This film has several scenes, including one where a man masturbates on his knees next to a woman, and another where a man masturbates in his car outside a neighbor's howww.. 
Don't be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood Shawn Wayans/ Ashtray Ashtray masturbates while his father reads him a "bedtime story."
The Doom Generation James Duval/ Jordan White
Johnathon Schaech/ Xavier Red 
In one scene, Jordan masturbates with a yo-yo in his hand. Another time, Xavier masturbates while watching Jordan and Amy in a bathtub. Watch out for what he does with his semen.