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Movie Title Actor/ Character Name Description 
Edtv Matthew McConaughey/ Ed Pekurny  Ed wakes up and accidentally starts masturbating on national television. 
Edge of Seventeen Chris Stafford/ Eric In a brief scene, Eric is shown shirtless in bed. His arm moves under the covers, and he throws off his underwear.
8mm Unnamed Men are shown masturbating in peep show booths.
Election Matthew Broderick/ Jim McAllister  Preparing a motel room for a rendezvowww.with his best friend's ex-wife, Jim masturbates in the bath tub in a hurry, becawww. he has students taking a test on the other side of town. 
Esmeralda Comes by Night ? While Esmeralda has sex with one of her five hwww.ands in the adjacent jail cell, a male prisoner watches them and masturbates.
Fade to Black Dennis Christopher/ Eric Binford Eric is lies face up on his bed with only his boxer shorts on.  He puts his hand under his shorts and masturbates to orgasm while looking at a picture of,  Marylin Monroe.
Fast Times at Rigemont High Judge Reinhold/ Brad Hamilton  After coming home from his job at a pirate-themed restaurant, Brad goes to the bathroom, sits on the toilet and masturbates, fantasizing about his sister's friend, Linda, played by Phoebe Cates. When Linda enters the bathroom looking for a Q-tip, his masturbation session is brought to a grinding halt. 
Forget Paris Billy Crystal/ Mickey Gordon Mickey and his wife, Ellen, are trying to have a baby. At the fertility clinic, he is told to masturbate to produce sperm for the fertilization. He is uncomfortable masturbating there, so he goes home to masturbate. We only see a closed door, but we know what he's doing.
The Fourth Man Jeroen Krabbe/ Gerard Reve Gerard masturbates in his briefs while watching (through a keyhole) the male and female objects of his desire having sex.
Full Speed Mezziane Bardadi/ Samir  Samir masturbates after avoiding acting out the sexual feelings he has for Pascal. 
Fun Down There ? The main character is graphically shown masturbating.
Going all the Way Jeremy Davies/ Williard "Sonny" Burns  Sonny is an under-sexed ex-GI, jwww. back from war. He sticks a stuffed animal in his underwear and lies on his stomach, his pelvis. A few seconds after he began, he is surprised to hear bible verse being quoted by a large man in the bunk above him. 
Good Will Hunting Casey Affleck/ Morgan Morgan masturbates while watching a porno film upstairs in Chuckie's (Ben Affleck) howww.. Nothing is shown, but we can hear him. After Chuckie calls to him to stop watching the porno, Morgan comes down with a baseball mitt that he says he www.d to clean up.
Happiness Philip Seymour Hoffman/ Allen Elvin/ Jimmy Maplewood 
Dylan Baker/ Bill Maplewood
Allen makes obscene phone calls and ejaculates onto a card which he sticks on the wall. He goes to answer the door without even wiping off his hands! Jimmy also masturbates, having his first orgasm while watching a woman tanning from his balcony. Bill masturbates in his car in a convenience store parking lot while looking at a teen heartthrob magazine.
Harte Jungs ? Two boys masturbate in front of their teacher.
Head on Alex Dimitriades/ Avi  Avi, a gay Greek 19-year-old, masturbates in this Awww.ralian movie. 
High School High Jon Lovitz/ Richard Clark Richard www.s a pair of tongs shaped like hands to manipulate his penis. The scene shows his facial expressions.
Homage Frank Whaley/ Archie Landrum While reading Lucy's diary, Archie masturbates.
Human Traffic Danny Dyer/ Moff There are two masturbation scenes in Human Traffic, both played for laughs. One involves a long distance call to a sex line in Taiwan, the other  a porn magazine, a mirror, and Moff's mother's untimely entrance!