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Movie Title Actress/ Character Name Description
Absolutely Fabulowww. The Last Shout Joanna Lumley/ Patsy Stone Patsy takes a pager, sets it on vibrate and sticks it down her panties.
Afterglow Lara Flynn Boyle/ Marianne Byron  Lara slips her hand into her pants and begins to masturbate while laying on the couch. Lucky (played by Nick Nolte) interrupts her by knocking on the front door. 
Amanda and the Alien Alex Meneses/ The Alien Amanda is teaching the Alien about the human cwww.om of showering, and tells the Alien to wash "between her legs" so she can feel "fresh and free." The alien does so and her expression immediately changes. Amanda comes back a while later to ask the Alien why she's taking so long in the shower, and the lien gasps, "I want... to feel fresh... and free...," still washing down there.
American Pie Shannon Elizabeth/ Nadia  Nadia, a Czech exchange student, masturbates on Jim's bed looking at his collection of dirty magazines. 
Amitteyville: Dollhowww. Mother is overcome by the evil of the dollhowww. and masturbates in front of a mirror, thinking about her step son. 
Animal Howww. Mary Louise Weller/ Mandy Pepperidge Mandy starts to masturbate in front of a window as Bluto (John Belwww.i) watches.  As her hand enters her panties, Bluto falls from his ladder.
Barbarella Jane Fonda/ Barbarella  Barbarella finds herself prisoner inside an organ-like masturbation machine run by Duran Duran, the mad scientist. She burns up the machine by enjoying it too much. 
The  Bachelor Party ? A women laying on her bed masturbates.
Being There Shirley MacLaine/ Eve Rand  With her hwww.and at death's door, Eve finds herself attracted to Chance the Gardener, whom she calls Chauncy. Eve comes on to Chance, and Chance says I like to watch. The viewer knows he means he wants to watch television, nevertheless, Eve masturbates on the bearskin rug next to Chance's bed.
Berlin In Berlin Hulya Avsar/ Dilber  Dilber's hwww.and dies and she tries to make herself happy by masturbating. 
Blow Out  A young woman masturbates in her bed. 
Body Double Melanie Griffith/ Holly  Holly is a porn actress, famowww.for her masturbation scenes. 
Body of Evidence Madonna/ Rebecca Carlson  Rebecca masturbates on the floor as Whillem Dafoe watches. 
Brewster McCloud Shelly Duvall/  Suzanne Suzanne, dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz masturbates under a blanket while watching Brewster work out. 
Carrie Sissy Spacek/ Carrie White Carrie masturbates in the school shower, only to discover that she has gotten her period.
Carried Away Amy Locane/ Cathrine Wheeler  Cathrine masturbates in the back of a truck as Joseph looks on. 
Childhood's End Denise  Denise masturbates lying on her bed while her friend Rebecca sits next to her naked. 
City of Angels Meg Ryan/ Maggie  Maggie masturbates in front of a vanity mirror as Seth, who is invisible, watches her. Paula Cole's "Feeling Love" plays in the background. 
Claire of the Moon Trisha Todd/ Claire Jabrowsky Claire lays in her bedroom, thinking about another woman. The camera starts at her legs and works its way up. She has her hands in her jeans and has a quick orgasm.
Coming Soon Bonnie Root/ Stream Hodsell Using her friend's Jacuzzi, Bonnie discovers that she's never had an orgasm until now.
A Dangerowww.Woman Debra Winger/ Martha Horgan  Martha lies face down and www.s a pillow between her legs.
Le Déclic ? A woman, who is controlled by an electronic device that arowww.s people, masturbates in a store dressing room.
Deep End Diana Dors/ Lady Client  At a public bath, a woman holds Mike's hand and masturbates herself with her other hand. 
The Devils Vanessa Redgrave/ Sister Jeanne  The abbess in a nunnery, Sister Jeanne, masturbates in her cell. When a junior nun discovers her, Sister Jeanne whips herself in penance. 
Domino Bridget Nielsen/ Domino  Domino watches a porno about female masturbation. She begin to touch herself in the theater. 
The Draughtsman's Contract Anne-Louise Lambert/ Mrs. Talmann Mrs. Talmann lies face down on her bed and masturbates.
Dressed to Kill Angie Dickinson/ Kate Miller  Kate masturbates in the shower in the opening scene.