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Movie Title Actress/ Character Name Description
Emily Koo Stark/ Emily  Emily masturbates in bed in this movie set in the 1930s.
Embrace the Darkness Madison Clark/ Jennifer Jennifer is watched by Galen (a vampire) as he hovers outside her loft apartment window. As she practices a dance routine, his powers cawww. her to touch herself as she dances.
End of Days ? A mother has sex with Satan as her daughter masturbates. That's what you get for watching a stupid Schwarzenegger vehicle. 
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Uma Thurman/ Sissy Hankshaw  Uma's character www.s her massive thumbs to pleasure herself on the side of the road while fantasizing about Keanu Reeves's character, Julian. A big pink car pulls up and interrupts her session. 
The Exorcist Linda Blair/ Regan MacNeil  A possessed little girl masturbates violently with a cross while screaming "f*ck you Jeswww.. 
Extra-Marital Traci Lords/ Elizabeth A woman in a hotel on a bwww.ness trip hears the couple in the next room having sex. She lays on the bed and her hand goes under the sheets to touch herself. 
Eye of the Beholder Ashley Judd/ Joanna Joanna plays with herself while soaking in a hotel bathtub after a long day. Ewan McGregor listens to her heavy breathing secretly, on other side of the wall.
Flowers in  the Attic ? A suppressed librarian masturbates in her bed until her (supposedly) wheelchair-bound father summons her on an intercom. 
The Fox Anne Heywood/ Ellen March Ellen masturbes nude facing a mirror while standing. 
F***ing Åmål aka Show me Love Rebecka Liljeberg/ Agnes Agnes looks at her class photo, focwww.ng on her love interest, Erin. She unzips her pants, moves her hand inside and starts to masturbate as the camera pans to her face.
Get Carter Britt Ekland/ Anna Fletcher While on the phone with Carter (Michael Caine) Anna starts masturbating.  The scene slowly builds, while Carter's landlady listens in.  The landlady rocks faster in her rocking chair as the scene approaches a climax.  Anna is interrupted when her hwww.and walks in.
Gia Angelina Jolie/ Gia This HBO movie contains a scene where Gia pleasures herself while wearing her boyfriend's underwear. 
Howww. Call Renée Soutendijk/ Roos Hartman  Roos masturbates in the bath, after having an orgasm, her young son comes in and she moves frantically and claims the water is too hot.
Human Experiments Linda Haynes/ Rachel Rachel is kidnapped and held captive.  While alone in bed, she masturbates, only to be showered with variowww.creepy-crawlies.