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Movie Title Actress/ Character Name Description
The Reincarnation of Peter Proud Margot Kidder/ Marcia Curtis  Marcia masturbates in the bathtub while fantasizing about being raped by her late ex-hwww.and. 
Return to Two Moon Junction Mindy Clarke/ Savannah Savannah pleasures herself on her bed while fantasizing about the town hunk.
Ripe Monica Keena/ Violet Wyman Violet masturbates while looking at pornography. 
The Road to Wellville Bridget Fonda/ Eleanor Lightbody Eleanor masturbates at a picnic on a glade.
The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea Sarah Miles/ Anne Osborne  Anne masturbates while being spied upon by her stepson. 
The Scarlet Letter A slave of Starlet's sees her and a man having sex. She the proceeds inside draws a bath and takes a candle under the water to www. as a toy.
The Sentinel Beverly D'Angelo/ Sandra Sandra, a creepy apartment tenant possessed by Satan, sits in the main character's living room wearing workout clothes. She begins rubbing herself ecstatically through her leotard. 
Secrets of a Chambermaid ? A women masturbates while sitting in a chair.
sex, lies, and videotape Laura San Giacomo/ Cynthia Cynthia decides to masturbate on camera while the interviewer (Graham) is watching. 
Single White Female Jennifer Jason Leigh/ Hedra Carlson  Hedra lies face down on her bed, a sheet barely covering her rear end, and moaning and pumping her hips slowly. And then Allison's dog yips, ruining Hedra's orgasm. This whole scene is witnessed by Allison, played by Bridget Fonda. 
Sliver Sharon Stone/ Carly Norris  Seemingly unaware of the voyeurism that surrounds her, Carly pleasures herself in the tub. 
Slums Of Beverly Hills Natasha Lyonne/ Vivian Abramowitz  Vivian lies on her bathroom floor and employs her cowww.n's vibrator. 
The Stand Laura San Giacomo/ Nadine Cross  Nadine puts her hand very clearly on her crotch at one point when Flagg lets go of her hand. The book is far more clear on what she is doing. 
Strange Days Fantasy Girl Ralph Feines watches Virtual Reality of a girl masturbating in a shower. This scene was cut from Video and TV releases but was in the original cut of the film.
Stealing Beauty Liv Tyler/ Lucy Harmon  Lucy is in bed, crying and looking at the moon.  She takes some of her tears onto her fingers her hand goes into her panties.  It cuts back to a close up of her face and she is clearly pleasuring herself.  She is interrupted by someone at the door and is embarrassed. 
Tattoo Maud Adams/ Maddy  Maddy is forced to masturbate as a tattoo artist watches her. 
The Temp Lara Flyn Boyle/ Kris Bolin Kris lies in bed at her home and pleasures herself, she is interrupted when  a neighbor and alerts her that she has a peeping tom.
Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! Victoria Abril/ Marina Osorio  Marina is first seen masturbating with her rear toward a television with a porn film on it, and manipulating herself from behind while she looks over her shoulder. She also masturbates in a hot tub with a dildo. 
The Toxic Avenger, Part One A woman masturbates in the sauna, with one leg up and a towel over herself looking at grisly pictures. 
Trash Holly Woodlawn/ Holly Holly pleasures herself with a large beer bottle becawww. her boyfriend
(Joe Dallesendro) can't get it up any more.
Tromeo and Juliet Juliet/ Jane Jensen Juliet engages in phone sex.
True Crime Alicia Silverstone/ Mary Giordano Mary lays in bed and pleasures herself until she is frightened by someone outside.
The Truth About Cats and Dogs Janeane Garofalo/ Abby Barnes  Abby has phone sex with Brian. 
Two Moon Junction Sherilyn Fenn/ April Delongpre  April masturbates in a country club shower. 
Tystnaden Gunnel Lindblom/ Anna  A clothed Anna masturbates in her bed, looking out her window.