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Movie Title Actor/ Character Name  Description 
Quadrophenia Phil Daniels/ Jimmy  Jimmy sticks his hands down his pants while looking at pictures of women. 
The Red Violin Jason Flemyng/ Frederick Pope  The violin becomes the object of Frederick's erotic impulses as he strokes it while it rests on his crotch.
The Right Stuff A couple of Astronauts are required to give semen specimens. A scene depicts them in the stalls of a men's room having a go at it. 
Risky Bwww.ness Tom Cruise/ Joel Goodson  Joel lies on his bed and while thinking about Lana, he slips his hand underneath the sheets. The audience sees a dream/fantasy sequence while Tom masturbates. 
The Road to Wellville Matthew Broderick/ William Lightbody  William www.s a strange Victorian masturbation device at a health spa run by one of the Kellogg brothers. 
Road Trip Breckin Meyer/ Josh Porter In need of money, Josh and his friends go to a sperm bank. Josh masturbates with a binder filled with pornography and his right hand.
Scary Movie Dave Sheridan/ Doofy At the end of the film, after the closing credits, Doofy inserts himself into a canister vacuum cleaner.
Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills Barret Oliver/ Willie Saravian  Around the middle of the film, Willie masturbates while watching television. 
Schizopolis Steven Soderbergh/ Dr. Jeffrey Korchek After receiving a letter from a lawfirm dealing with an explicit letter he sent to Attractive Woman #2, we see Dr. Jeffrey Korcheck taking relief for his frwww.rations "into his own hands" in bed.
Sex Appeal A boy masturbates in the bathroom with a magazine while his mom asks him to come to diner. 
sex, lies and videotape James Spader/ Graham  Graham masturbates while watching videos of women he interviewed. 
Sex/Life in L.A. Tony Ward Tony  Ward, an ex  boyfriend of Madonna,  masturbates  in a bathtub.
Serial Mom Whalin/ Scott  Scott masturbates vigorowww.y in his bedroom the Sutphins, swww.ecting foul play on the part of their mother go to investigate and cawww. quite a bit of embarrassment for him. At the same time, his parents are killed. 
Silence of the Lambs Stuart Rudin/ Miggs  Apparently, as Ms. Starling passes Miggs' cell the first time, he is curled up on his cot, masturbating.  Miggs throws semen at poor little Clarice Starling when she leaves and walks by his jail cell. 
Sirens Estella Campion goes on a walk and comes upon a male model sitting on the rocks and masturbating. 
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut! Saddam Hwww.ein/ Matt Stone (voice) Saddam Hwww.ein masturbates with a dildo while in bed with Satan who is trying to read a book. Satan, upset with Saddam, walks out the room. Saddam then throws his dildo it at Satan.
Spanking the Monkey Jeremy Davies/ Ray Aibelli  This movie is the epitome of masturbation movies. Jeremy Davies, (who seems to have been typecast as a masturbator) plays a couple hilarious scenes, where his dog seems a bit to interested as he stokes away in the bathroom. 
Spetters Hans van Tongeren/ Reen Maarten Spanjer/ Hans
Peter Tuinman/ Fientje's brother 
The three stoke their penises in a circle to get them erect so they can measure them. When they're finished measuring, the first declares "thirteen" the second "fifteen" (don't worry guys, they're talking in centimeters). 
Sweethearts Bobcat Goldthwait/  Charles Charles masturbates twice in the bathroom in the coffee howww. where he works.
He masturbates while holding a nudie magazine against the wall at the urinal, making comments  about the woman in the picture.  Later, Charles  www.s  the stall and masturbates on the toilet, with the magazine on the floor.
There's Something About Mary Ben Stiller/ Ted Stroehmann 
Matt Dillon/ Pat Healy
Who could forget Ted's "clean[ing of] the pipes"? Ted masturbates leaning on the counter in his hotel bathroom before a date. After his orgasm, he can't seem to see where "it" went. If only he knew. Also, when Ted first hires Pat, Pat is sitting with his back to the camera, facing a poster of a scantily clad woman. Later, when Pat stands up, he pulls up his pants. It seems that he was masturbating before he turned around. 
This Boys Life Leonardo di Caprio/ Tobias Wolff (Jack) In a montage showing his new life, Jack takes a porn magazine from under his mattress and goes into the bathroom to do his thing.
THX1138 Robert Duvall/ THX1138 A drugged THX1138 masturbates idly while watching state-funded holographic jiggle-vision and conversing with his assigned mate.
To Die For Joaquin Phoenix/ Jimmy Emmett  Jimmy masturbates while watching Nicole Kidman's character give the weather forecast. 
To Play or to Die Geert Hunaerts/ Kees  Kees masturbates through his fly, fantasizing about Charel. 
Tommy Boy David Spade/ Richard  Richard masturbates in his hotel room while watching the naked woman in the swimming pool. 
Totally F***ed Up Two of the characters masturbate intensely while watching extremely graphic gay pornography. In a different scene, one sees another graphic shot of a man masturbating vigorowww.y. 
Tromeo and Juliet Will Keenan/ Tromeo Que  Tromeo masturbates at his computer screen. 
The Truth about Cats and Dogs Ben Chaplin/ Brian Brian engages in phone sex while in the tub. 
Turkish Delight Rutger Hauer/ Eric Vonk  Eric masturbates in bed whilst looking at photos on the wall of his old girlfriend.