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Movie Title Actress/ Character Name Description
Maria's Lovers Nastassja Kinski/ Maria Maria masturbates through her pantyhose while her hwww.and is in the basement fighting over erection problems
The Mata Hari Sylvia Kristel/ Mata Hari  The Mata Hari masturbates on her bed. 
Men Sean Young/ Stella James  Stella goes into a bathroom and lays down under the faucet. 
Mother's Boys Jamie Lee Curtis/ Jude Jude has an orgasm with the water from a faucet.
Néa The main actress masturbates while reading an erotic book. 
9 1/2 Weeks Kim Bassinger/ Elizabeth Elizabeth masturbates while watching a slide show.
Numero Deux Sandrine Battistella/ Wife  A woman masturbates in her bed, until she is interrupted by her hwww.and, who asks "What are you doing?" 
Pleasantville Joan Allen/ Betty Parker  A mother takes a lesson from her daughter and tries it out in the tub. 
Play Time Jennifer Burton/ Lindsey Monique Parent/ Geena  Two women masturbate several times throughout the movie as they explore their own masturbatory fantasies. 
Presumed Innocent Bonnie Bedelia/ Barbara Sabich Barbara lies face down in sweaty work-out clothes on a bed.  Her hwww.and comes into the room and asks, "Aerobics?" She responds, "No, masturbation...."
Private Parts ? A woman talks to Howard Stern on the phone while being interviewed on his radio show. She puts the speaker on the and plays with herself.
Profile For Murder ? A a detective out for a serial killer, masturbates in her tub while fantasizing about him and his victims.